Glass Splashbacks: The Definitive Guide

To stand out in the luxury home market, you need to showcase your property’s quality design and construction material. The stakes are high. The right choices make a “hot home” that sells quickly at a good price; the wrong choices result in low bids and listings that stay on the market longer.

One of the most effective ways to highlight a home’s design and construction material is to install a glass splashback. With the right application, this single design choice can optimise a home’s natural light, solve some of its troublesome design issues, and exhibit its high-quality material.

To put it simply: Choosing the right type of glass splashback can elevate your luxury building project or home renovation to a higher level of sophistication.

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Glass Splashback Ideas for Your Home

Glass splashbacks are versatile. They can be used in many ways throughout the luxury home, always creating an interesting and elegant design feature.

Glass splashbacks are not only used in the kitchen or in the bathroom. They can be creatively applied in a range of other settings throughout the house, including in the interior walls, ceilings, joinery coverings, wall panelling in the entranceways and furniture. They are visually stunning in all other areas of the house.

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Choosing Glass Splashback Colours

Are you interested in remodelling a room in your house with a splashback? One of the most important points of the remodel comes in the design of the splashback. Splashbacks can represent a beautiful accent piece to the overall design dynamic of your kitchen, bathroom or even home office. Best of all, new advancements in glasswork allow for amazingly vibrant glass splashback colours or effects that you can install in your new space.

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Printed Glass Splashback for Your Home

Long gone are the days of plain or solid coloured glass kitchen splashbacks. Trend setting homes around Australia are embracing a new technology that enables them to customise their kitchen, bathroom, home office and even outdoor entertaining area splashbacks like never before; printed glass splashbacks.

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Facts About Textured Glass Splashbacks

Australian homeowners have fallen in love with glass splashbacks because of the superior durability, low maintenance and striking aesthetic appeal of glass. For those who also crave a distinguished design element, nothing compares to the beauty and glacial quality of textured glass splashbacks.

With the help of an experienced glazier, there’s no limit to what can be done with different textures, patterns and finishes. With today’s glass technology, builders and designers can offer that little something more to transform an interior from beautiful to breathtaking.

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Benefits of Mirror Splashback

Architects and interior designers have long used mirrors to optimize a home’s natural light. In many kitchens, however, there’s a challenge to bring natural light into dark wall spaces. A customized mirror splashback is a great solution. This design choice can also help accentuate fixtures in wet bars and bathrooms while adding brightness and spaciousness.

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Choosing a Glass Bathroom Splashback

Looking for a contemporary or modern bathroom splashback to make your property stand out in Melbourne’s ultra-competitive luxury home market? Unlike a shower screen, which is a stand-alone sheet of glass acting as a wall, a glass bathroom backsplash acts as a “wall cover.” The benefits go far beyond style. This splashback choice adds value to any bathroom for cleaning and moisture protection as well.

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Design Tips for Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

To achieve the clean, modern kitchen splashback look with glass, you’ll need definitive design and installation choices. Here we analyse the most important of these choices, so you’ll have a crystal-clear view of what’s needed for a successful kitchen glass splashback.

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Glass Splashback Colours for a White Kitchen

How do you make a white kitchen stand out in a stylish, timeless way that will appeal to buyers? More and more, designers are answering this challenge by adding glass splashbacks to the kitchen design.

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Glass Splashbacks Colours for Kitchens

Deciding to install a feature glass splashback is a great first step on the journey toward creating a stand-out luxury kitchen. The next step, of course, is to figure out what colour it will be. With so many elements to consider — the cabinets, the benchtop, the appliances, the floors, etc. — selecting the glass splashback colour for your kitchen can be complex.

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Frosted Glass Splashback for Your Home

There’s a different kind of “frosting” process that makes the glass opaque, smooth to touch, smudge-resistant and durable. It’s called acid etched frosted glass. While not as widely recognised by the general public, acid etching offers many advantages over other treatments.

We’ll explain this useful glass treatment technique and how it can be used to create stunning frosted glass splashbacks for the kitchen, bathroom and even the wet bar. We’ll also show how these “frosted” glass features can add value to a home’s interior.

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Metallic Glass Splashbacks Tips

Budget-friendly and reliable are two perfect descriptors for the metallic glass splashback. Without having to find, purchase, shape and maintain a sheet of metal (imagine the polishing!), you can achieve the same luxurious contemporary look with a painted metallic glass splashback feature.

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Benefits of a Laundry Splashback

There are 2 main trends to consider when designing a laundry room for your next luxury home project.
Trend #1: The majority of Australians spend more than 3 hours per week doing washing. This means homeowners are spending a substantial amount of time per week in their laundry areas.

Trend #2: Laundry rooms are becoming an opportunity for expressions of personal style. By installing a glass laundry splashback, you can capitalise on both trends at once.

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BBQ Glass Splashbacks for Outdoor Kitchens

Builders are constantly looking for ways to elevate the design and usability of the barbecue area. One of the most popular ways to make your outdoor kitchen stand out is to install a BBQ glass splashback. Why? This feature enables builders and homeowners to showcase the best elements of the outdoor space while enjoying the durability and easy-to-clean elements of a glass splashback.

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Cut to Size Glass Splashback Installation Tips

Like splashbacks made of natural stone, glass splashbacks require an additional level of kitchen design planning. That’s because the glass needs to be cut to size before it’s toughened. Once this is done, the entire piece cannot be cut or processed in any way. This puts a premium on formulating and finalising the kitchen design plan before any measurements are taken. It also puts a premium on the measurements themselves.

Below, we analyse the main risks and rewards of a cut to size glass splashback. By doing so, we hope to show you how professional measurements and installation helps create a successful splashback project.

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Removing a Glass Splashback Tips

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two interior spaces where the most value can be added during a sale. So, it makes sense that a well-crafted and well-appointed kitchen will help a home create more value than a home with a sloppy, poorly-appointed kitchen. Both factors converge in a glass splashback project.

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