Canopies: The Definitive Guide

Glass canopies are a beautiful and functional addition to any building or walkway. While canopies are traditionally made with roofing materials, the use of glass provides a much more modern aesthetic look, especially to contemporary homes and high-rise commercial buildings.

This guide covers everything you need to know about glass canopies from questions regarding to design, areas canopies can be used, glass canopy installation and much, much, more!

Part 1

Areas a Glass Canopy is Used on Residential Buildings


Glass is elegant, it’s minimalistic, it allows lots of light to pass through, it’s hard, it’s waterproof… and it’s often used in residential buildings. You may have seen it over a range top or a sunroom, but there are plenty of ways a glass canopy can be used in a home and it’s a style that’s currently growing in popularity across the country.

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Part 2

Glass Canopy Design

Glass canopy front door

Most of us will have seen magnificent glass canopy designs at the entrance to office blocks, shopping centres, hotels, leisure centres, train centres and subways. Sweeping the facade of a building, they look impressive and aesthetically striking as the sun and the sky are reflected from gleaming glass panels.

Glass canopies can be used on a much smaller scale domestically, to cover a walkway or protect a window. They are popular because they allow maximum natural light to penetrate, they are durable, and their minimalist design makes them a modern and stylish addition.

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Part 3

Glass Canopies & Tempered Glass

tempered glass canopy1

Tempered glass (generally known as toughened glass) is commonly used for glass canopies, but what exactly is tempered glass?

Is it used for all glass canopies?

Why is it used rather than regular glass?

Let’s take a look into what tempered glass canopy is and why it is the go-to material for glass canopies.

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Part 4

Glass Canopy Fixings

glass canopy fixings 1

When it comes to building a glass canopy, choosing the fixing is one of the most important parts of the overall construction process. The fixings are essential to the design of the canopy and they will support the entire structure, so it is crucial to choose the right ones.

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Part 5

Glass Canopy for Your Front Door

glass canopy front door 1

With a sophisticated, modern appeal and the long-lasting promise of this highly durable building material, adding a glass canopy over the front door can create just the right finish for your build. A front door glass canopy isn’t just aesthetically appealing, it’s functional.

A glass canopy provides shade and helps to keep the interior cool, especially if you choose a coloured or frosted glass. It also offers protection from the elements, keeping the entranceway area dry and mud-free, even after those torrential downpours. Choosing glass is also optimal as it’s easy to maintain – an essential trait for such a hard to clean and service area of the home.

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Part 6

Glass Canopy for Patios


Glass canopies are a common design element added to homes and commercial buildings around the world, whether they’re new or old. Recently, adding a glass canopy to a patio has proven to be a popular way to increase the light and feeling of being outdoors while providing shelter from rain or damaging sunlight.

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