Balustrade: The Definitive Guide

The luxury home has changed in the recent decades. Over time, new materials, building techniques and technology have evolved. With glass becoming such a robust material it has become an increasing popular material for balustrades.

Glass is an extremely versatile material used in almost all modern-style homes adding to the expansiveness of the space, providing the support and safety required, without hampering the view.

No wonder a lot of architects and builders are using this material in their projects. You will see glass balustrades on individual home structures as well as high rises in cities. Most people fail to realise that balustrades have a 2-fold purpose – they are primarily installed for safety and become a decorative finishing feature for staircases, balconies, pools, terraces, eaves and buildings; custom-designed to complement the look of your home.

This guide covers everything you need to know about glass balustrades from questions regarding to price to custom glass balustrade installation and much, much, more!

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Benefits of Glass Balustrade

A glass balustrade is an elegant and highly functional alternative to a traditional stair, balcony or deck railing. In both domestic and in commercial settings, this stylish option is becoming a popular choice amongst professional builders and designers because it has so much to offer in terms of both aesthetic and practical benefits. Homeowners adore the modern, sophisticated feel that a frameless glass balustrade introduces, while business owners are pleased with the strength and ease of care that today’s glass technologies offer.

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Balustrade Height Building Regulations

Glass balustrades have quickly become one of the most popular architectural trends in Australia for modern builds. A balustrade isn’t just an excellent design element, it also acts as a necessary barrier and is required under the Building Code of Australia, or BCA, to prevent falls from stairways, balconies, decks, or other elevated areas. In order to ensure safety, the BCA has set specific balustrade height building regulations for homebuilders to follow. When you work in the building industry, staying up to date with current height codes is an essential part of delivering high-quality work.

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Spacing Regulations for Balustrade

A glass balustrade is a beautiful way to finish your deck, balcony or staircase. However, balustrades must be not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe. Read on to learn the spacing regulations for balustrade.

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Glass Balustrade Fixings and Fittings

Balustrades are an important part of the staircase or balcony as they are the safety barriers and handrails that you will hold onto and that hold the glass together. Glass balustrades are very popular as they allow natural light to penetrate into buildings freely, which will enhance the appeal and overall beauty of the structure.

Glass looks great with anything – whether you are going for a traditional or modern and minimalist look for your home. Of course, in order to make your glass railing or balustrade work, you will need to choose the right glass balustrade fixings.

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Taking Precise Site Measurements for Balustrade


With the clean design and pure finish of glass, a frameless glass balustrade makes a profound statement in elegance and luxury. To ensure that the finished balustrade offers the pristine look that it should, it must be installed with absolute precision. In fact, this may be the only risk of installing frameless glass; it has to be done by an expert hand or there is the chance that the completed project will appear crooked or improperly aligned.

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Types of Balustrade Glass

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Glass balustrades are modern and elegant, providing a safe barrier while also allowing light through. They look chic and stylish and they can be designed to fit the overall ambiance of any home. Not only are they visually stunning, they are also a very important part of the building’s structure.

When you are designing your glass balustrade there are a lot of options to choose from, so let’s take a look at some of the common types of balustrade glass out there. The right one for you will depend on your home design, your budget, your personal taste, and many other factors.

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Glass Balustrade Cost Per Metre

If you are budgeting for a renovation and are considering installing glass balustrade in your home, you’ll need to understand how the pricing works when it comes to cost per metre. When you are estimating the lineal metre rates of the glass balustrade, it is important to note that they are based on a 10 metre straight run with no gates. Therefore, the cost per metre of the balustrade in general will not include gates. Also, the price of the balustrade is always on application, depending on what system is used.

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Glass Balustrade for Stairs

The luxury home market brings together an amazing assortment of wonderful interior and exterior designs. One of the most exciting new trends here in Melbourne is the use of glass in flooring and staircases.

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Glass Balustrade for your Deck

Glass balustrades are the ideal solution for outdoor decking. They allow you to relax on your deck while watching the kids play or enjoy a view of nature all around you. Your deck railing will not impede your view; instead, clear glass balustrade on decking will enable you to enjoy the full view.

Not only do glass balustrades offer you better views, they will also look sleek and modern and add visual appeal to your home. However, if you choose the wrong materials for your glass balustrade or you do not install it correctly, the balustrade can become warped and uneven.

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Glass Balustrade Windbreak Panels

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A glass windbreak will maximise your view while providing you with comfort, protection from the elements and security.

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What is a Glass Fence

If you are looking to incorporate a glass barrier inside your home or outside in the garden, it won’t be long before you come across the word ‘balustrade.’ This is just another name, or the correct name, for a glass fence.

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